• Image of 千年祭 1000 Year Festival Tank

千年祭 at リーネ広場「現代」 from クロノ・トリガー.


• Printed on 100% Polyester
• 100% Polyester Jersey construction
• Unisex

Very Important Note: White streaks / creasing (see the images above) cannot be avoided with our sublimation process. These marks are most common under the arms of the garments and near stitching (sides, collars, shoulders, etc). Unfortunately here is no way to avoid these issues, so if this is a problem for you please do not order.

Size: Chest x Waist (in Inches)
XS: 30-32 x 28-30
S: 34-36 x 30-32
M: 38-40 x 32-33
L: 42-44 x 33-34
XL: 46-48 x 36-38

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